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I started out in the working world not really knowing what I wanted to do. I looked for something that would temporarily pay the bills. I always loved planning things that made people smile and moments special. After trying the rat race of commuting to NYC, I knew rather quickly it wasn't going to be somewhere I could find my niche as a new mom. 

Fast forward a bit and now I am raising a precious little girl, Lily Kate, with my partner, Jelani. She makes me smile every day and fills my heart with a unique kind of warmth I never thought possible. Perhaps that is what led me to my business venture - the desire to spread that warmth to others. I've always loved interior design and making my space a sanctuary. Adding a glow to the room has always filled me with a sense of inner peace. I love making natural soy candles with scents that fill the room with tranquility and drive out the hectic buzz of the outside world. 

The scents I choose often reflect my childhood memories growing up in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

I hand pour natural soy candles in a variety of theme scents. I also make  potpourri bars to refresh your drawers, gym bag or any area of your home that needs a refreshing aroma.

Why I choose soy candles...

Soy candles have a cleaner burn with no   toxins or pollutant. Soy wax burns at a cooler temperature which means you can enjoy it 50% longer than a paraffin candle and it produces 90% less soot than a Paraffin candle. Paraffin candles release chemicals making it harmful to inhale. When you purchase a soy candle you are also supporting local US farmers. The United States is the number one producer of soy in the world. Since soy wax comes from soy beans, it is friendly to the environment being it is a renewable source. 

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